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Re: TeknoR6Vegas2 3.0 Download

Postby RIMOR_IMMITIS » Tue Jun 19, 2018 7:09 pm

tomm wrote:
PazuR wrote:Pls make possibility to change maxlives and grenades count settings.

The number of grenades and c4 can be changed by editing the .ini files you just change the vaules do the same for the ammo in guns, Reaver may be able to add extra respawns in the next release

the associated files to change the number of nades are located here C \Program Files\Ubisoft\Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2\KellerGame\Config
before you change the values make a back up of the file first and save it to a different location, you will also require administrators permissions to change the ini files
the ini files you edit are :DefaultGadgetsConfig.ini, KellerGadgetsConfig.ini,PCKellerGadgetsConfig.ini
you will see the weapon names underneath each there will be a line of txt
m_iMaxAmmo= after which there you will see the 4 game modes casual, normal, realistic and mplayer, after the = there will be a numerical value's this is what you change it's best to copy the same values to the other 2 ini files so that others in your game will have the same amount as you have ,otherwise you will get called a cheat

Hi there a few days ago I hosted a COOP Terrorist Hunt session and I saw a player using GAS GRENADES!!!! I don't know how! cheers!!!
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Re: TeknoR6Vegas2 3.0 Download

Postby RIMOR_IMMITIS » Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:03 am

tomm wrote:The other weapons such as tear gas motion sensors ect as far as i'm aware can't be enabled in terrorist hunt/story mode just by editing the ini files in vegas2, you apparently could in vegas1 prior to the 4th patch,but you can increase the amount to use in versus mode

tomm thanks for reply it cleared things out a bit

anyway when I saw those rad gadgets in versus I thought why the hell are they exclusive to versus the majority of us want to play co-op aka: terrorist hunt.

Reaver youre a life saver keeping rainbow Vegas 2 alive in our little lan parties. this looks like a perfect idea for your next project.

getting all the versus gadgets in terrorist hunt

tear gas
gps device
motion sensor
gas masks

ps: 99 terrorists was an amazing idear. awesome job reaver

Hello, I recently was hosting an online R6V2 Terrorist Hunt game and a Russian player used TEAR GAS GRENADES and the terros reacted to the gas, somehow there must be a way to unlock that I just don't know how, it would be very good to use all gadgets on single and multiplayer Terrorist Hunt game mode, if anyone finds out how tell me please, i managed to "Improve" a bit the Terro Hunt Control Manager" MOD by C06alt and the game has so much to offer because the action is very good!
I read that Ubisoft had a glitch on a XBOX update and unlocked all items for Terrorist Hunt Single and Multi player, and corrected it afterwards.

Cheer to all!

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