Intel GMA HD(GMA5700MHD) , Performance Improvements?

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Intel GMA HD(GMA5700MHD) , Performance Improvements?

Postby Daniel65 » Tue Feb 27, 2018 9:59 pm

Hi all,
This is 2018 and I am still using an old laptop with i5 560m processor today(1st gen Core i5 mobile).
It has an intergrated graphic card called Intel GMA HD(actual model:GMA5700MHD). The successor of GMA X4500 HD which shares the same gpu architecture but adds 2 extra pipelines and upgrades to 45nm. (motherboard: HM55)
I have recently played Left4Dead2 with this hardwell and got an average fps between 22 to 40 under the lowest settings of 1280*800(a bit choppy when huge zombies are rushing)
Unfortunately, the lastest Intel XTU doesn't support GPU adjustment for 1st gen mobile Core i processors)
So,in order to increase its perfomance slightly. I did a lot search for how to boost power for Intel GMA gpus on the web.
The result shows:
For GMA900-950 there is a software could overlock its speed which called GMA Booster.
For other GMA gpus newer than GMA 950, the Royal BNA Driver from your forum could do a big help.
One of the Royal BNA Driver user pointed out that it could boost the fps from 30 to 50 for the game Counter-Strike: Source running on GMA X4500
It was an amazing message but I also realise that even the Royal BNA Driver is starting to support newer gpus like Intel HD3000 and HD4000, the GMA HD(GMA5700MHD) gpu has never been added to the support list.
Would the Royal Driver which designed for GM45 X4500HD works on HM55 GMA HD?
Could anybody tell me how to increase its performance? I would appreciate for your help.
( My laptop is currently running with dual-channel ddr3 1066, win10 64bit )
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Re: Intel GMA HD(GMA5700MHD) , Performance Improvements?

Postby Chana468 » Sun Aug 11, 2019 10:28 am

Way to go with BO2 Zombies :bravo:


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