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This section is dedicated to the TeknoMW3 project.
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TeknoMW3 Forum Rules

Postby Hans Krebs » Sat Apr 09, 2016 1:17 pm

the following are the rules you should abide by when visiting this board. Please note that they only apply to the Modern Warfare 3 section of the forum ( https://teknogods.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=40 ); other sections (may) have their own, different regulations.

1) Please remember to post in the proper section:
  • Multiplayer - anything related to TeknoMW3 Multiplayer.
  • Singleplayer - anything related to TeknoMW3 Singleplayer (not supported in the current release)
  • Dedicated server - anything related to TeknoMW3 dedicated servers
  • General discussion - Hyde Park; post anything you like as long as it's not against the rules.
  • Announcements & releases - important news from forum admins and project developers. This is also where we release new versions of TeknoMW3. Normal users cannot post anything here. Please remember to skim over the contents of this section from time to time to keep yourself up-to-date.
  • Tutorials - tutorials, guides, instructions.
For blatantly ignoring this rule (just posting in the main board page when one of the sections would be a perfect fit for your topic) you will receive a warning, and your post will be moved by a moderator.

2) Piracy is not welcome here. We develop our mods to make games even more fun than the stock retail versions are; we do not endorse piracy and our work was never and is not intended to aid in circumventing copyright mechanisms. We believe that the original developers of the original game should be supported. We only support legally obtained copies of the game. If you admit to piracy on these boards, you will receive a permanent account ban; any infringing material will be removed from your post, and the topic itself will be moved into our Piracy Hall of Shame for others to see and learn from.

3) The language of the MW3 subforum is English, and any new content you submit should be in that language. This is a multinational community, and other users would like to understand what it is that you're trying to say. You don't need to be fluent; if, however, your command of the language is so poor that you cannot compose a simple message, consider using Google Translate or ask a friend to translate your message for you.

4) Please remember to name your topics properly. The title shouldn't be long and it should let others users know what your post is about. For example:
  • Bad topic name: help plz
  • Good topic name: My game crashes on startup with the latest files, what can I do?

  • Bad topic name: SERVER PROBLEM
  • Good topic name: Unable to load InfinityScript plugins on my server, a .NET error message appears

5) When posting, please keep a civil tongue. Insulting other members of the board will earn you a warning or a temporary ban, depending on the offense.

6) Posting spam (in particular, ads and links to other sites) is not allowed. Repeat offenders may be punished by a permanent ban. As an exception, links to TeknoMW3 related content such as server advertisements and giveaways are allowed in the correct section.

7) Do not create duplicate topics. Before posting a question or asking for help, search the forum first. Your question has most likely been already asked and answered multiple times before.

8) Do not create duplicate accounts, particularly if your original account has been banned.

9) Cheaters
Cheating has always been a problem in FPS games. Currently, an anti-cheat is being developed and will be incorporated in the release of the mod. Please note that even the best anticheats cannot stop everyone and it is likely that you will meet cheaters in-game.
Please do not report cheating here. We're not responsible for whatever server you were playing on; in particular, the TeknoMW3 project does not host any dedicated servers. Instead, please report the offense to the server administrators - reputable servers typically provide contact information, usually via timed chat messages or displayed in your HUD. Generally it is a good idea to include the offender's nickname, time they were seen and some sort of proof - a screenshot or a videoclip. Please note that these are only guidelines and each clan/server administrator may establish their own rules for cheating reports.

10) If you're releasing an InfinityScript plugin: please visit this topic to learn about the rules.

Unless stated otherwise, violating these rules will typically result in a warning from a moderator or administrator, followed by a temporary or possibly a permanent ban if the offense occurs multiple times.

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