[Released] Gold Quote Script

InfinityScript plugins for dedicated servers.
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[Released] Gold Quote Script

Postby God_Zilla » Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:03 am

Gold Quote Plugin for Infinity Script.

Script to send custom messages to the console.

Features and differences from many similar:
- Variable timer.
- Sends a random message from the list.
- Will not be repeated until send all messages from the list.
- After the start of a new round / map or rebooting the server continues from that place on which finished.
- Support multiple MW3 servers from one directory.
- Support for large lists. We tested the 500 lines, but I do not think that is the limit.
- Ability to use of color in your message.

Add dvars in server.cfg:

Code: Select all

//Gold quote settings (timer in sec., 0 - off)
seta gold_quote 120
seta quotes_file Gold_quote_message_list.txt
seta quote_buff_file Gold_quote_db.txt

Setting details:
seta gold_quote //timer in seconds
seta quotes_file //file name with messages
seta quote_buff_file //file name with list already the sent messages*

*make a new empty text file. Important: when you update your file with messages need to clean this file (open in Notepad and delete all text).
*For it work on multiple MW3 servers from one directory need to specify different file names.

-= Changelog =-
- first release

Creator: Tor-del Magadan
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Re: [Released] Gold Quote Script

Postby [XtrM] xilonor » Mon Mar 24, 2014 5:13 am

Thanx but for me there is just one message who appears :/
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