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InfinityScript release rules

Postby Hans Krebs » Sat Apr 09, 2016 1:12 pm

When releasing a new InfinityScript plugin, please ensure you follow these rules.

1) The script files should be packed in an archive, preferably a .7z (7-zip) or .zip (can be done in Windows Explorer, select the files, right click, Send to -> Compressed archive). From now on, when referring to "script files", I mean the packed archive, i.e. a single file.

2) The script files may be attached to your post or hosted on one of the two sites:
Why? A lot of posters used the opportunity to promote their own clan sites, which often require users to create an account to be able to download the files, not to mention that users should not be expected to trust those websites. The two websites mentioned above have been around for a long time, are well known and trusted by many users.

3) In your post, you should post the SHA1 and/or SHA256 checksum of the download and a link to VirusTotal's analysis page for your script files. Needless to say, the hashes should match.

4) If your script contains malware of any kind, or in general hidden code the users are not made aware of and that is detrimental to the operation of their servers, you will receive a permanent ban and your script files will be removed.

5) Backdoors in admin scripts are allowed, but an explicit notice is needed - either in the post or in an attached readme/manual. Please note that most server administrators do not take kindly to such practices and it will most likely decrease your script's popularity.

6) The scripts need not be open source. Because MSIL is so notoriously easy to decompile with free tools, obfuscation is commonly performed for bigger releases. This is also allowed. However, you might want to remember that on the x86 architecture it is generally impossible to prevent end-users from reverse engineering; no matter how well you pack/obfuscate your binary, determined and skilled opponents will eventually succeed in circumventing your countermeasures.

If your release does not follow the regulations outlined above, the topic will be removed by a moderator. Repeatedly violating the rules may be punished by warnings and/or a temporary ban.

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