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[Release] Gimme slot controller

Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2020 7:32 pm
by S3VDIT0
When I maintained my server (2 years ago [MORDEKAI74RUS]), I ran into a problem, players did not comply with the rule: USE MOAB CHANGE SPOT. Of course, you can use the check for the number of killings, but this is not true, since MOAB may appear due to a number of reasons for a 50 kill or a 20 kill.

Without hesitation, I realized that I need to revert the gimme slot for the necessary rewards.




Code: Select all

player.OnInterval(500, () =>
   if(player.GetField<string>("GIMME_SLOT_STRING") == "nuke" &&
        //MAGIC(Ex: enable anticamp for player)
        return false;
   return player.IsPlayer;