Got an IS plugin? Send it to us.

InfinityScript plugins for dedicated servers.
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Got an IS plugin? Send it to us.

Postby Hans Krebs » Tue Apr 26, 2016 11:30 am

The next release ( TeknoMW3 2.8 ) will feature a complete revamp/overhaul of InfinityScript. This means that backwards compatibility will not be preserved, and this in turn means that scripts compiled for the older version of IS will no longer function.

For this reason, we, the dev team, ask you to send us plugins and source for scripts that you may have in your posession. One of the developers, Syntax, has source for a lot of scripts back from 4D1 days, but I bet TeknoMW3 server admins have some plugins we never managed to find. Why do we need those plugins and souce?

1) We will adapt them to work with the new InfinityScript so that when the new update comes out, there's no problem with lack of scripts/features. If you don't have the source, but have a functioning DLL, please send that as well - typically the plugins are easy to decompile, edit, and compile back again.
2) We will make a central repository of InfinityScript plugins where people can download trustworthy, verified scripts. This has two advantages: firstly, server admins will be sure the script they're downloading is safe and tested, and second, all the plugins will be easily accessible.

However, please don't send us binaries for admin scripts such as ServerControl; we will contact the developers individually.

If you are a developer and are not willing to share your script's source with us: that's fine. Please send us a message and when the new InfinityScript is ready, we will contact you and explain what's new so that you can adapt your plugin on your own.

Where to send the plugins/messages: Please contact our mod, Lambder. To send him a PM click here.

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