[Release] AntiDropShot Plugin + Source

InfinityScript plugins for dedicated servers.
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[Release] AntiDropShot Plugin + Source

Postby ToasterTheToast » Sat Jun 18, 2016 3:18 pm

First of all, i've been searching in the forum before releasing this but I didn't found anything.
I guess that this is more an iSnipe feature than for a normal reg gun server.
It's a simple code, but does what is supposed to do.

What does this script?

- While you're dropped you'll only get hitmarkers, nothing more than this.

Download Link + Virus scan

MD5: eeacda2c7825e7597e2d03eb39dc517f
SHA1: baa374a5194aef2d4eca0c264d41ac377d0e002b
SHA256: 85e13227bf2006bbe1f06c31f8ba55d01e4b601afffae695ae36cd26cbf8a273
Detections: 0 / 55

DL: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wobazv8moipp106/AntiDropShot.rar
NOTE: I know it's not MEGA or Sendspace i guess this is not a problem at all.

Source Code

Code: Select all

using InfinityScript;

namespace AntiDropShot
    public class AntiDS : BaseScript
        public AntiDS()
            Log.Write(LogLevel.Info, "---------------------------");
            Log.Write(LogLevel.Info, "AntiDropShot Plugin started");
            Log.Write(LogLevel.Info, "---------------------------");

        public override void OnPlayerDamage(Entity player, Entity inflictor, Entity attacker, int damage, int dFlags, string mod, string weapon, Vector3 point, Vector3 dir, string hitLoc)
            if (attacker.Call<string>("getstance") == "prone")
                player.Health += damage;
                attacker.Call("IprintLnBold", "^1Dropshooting is not allowed!");
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Re: [Release] AntiDropShot Plugin + Source

Postby Boboo » Sat Jun 18, 2016 4:40 pm

Good one haxxor... :-P :-P

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