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Tempban Script

Postby Midas67 » Tue Jul 19, 2016 1:33 am

Dear Tekno users,
After last updates of tekno I was experiencing troubles with command !tmpban in some Admin Scripts (I am saying some not every, for example !tmpban doesnt work in Sinadmin), i think that the problem is that some Admin scripts were using kickclient as a string format in a method. In past it used to be something like Tempban (If I am wrong feel free to correct me)

This is how tempban method looks like in some Admin Scripts:

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Public void Tempban(Entity player)
Utilities.ExecuteCommand("kickclient " + player.EntRef + " \"Temp Ban Message\"");

But nowadays it only kicks player from server, So I made and external Tempban Script which is working as it should

How to use:
1.Download the .rar provided below
2.Extract the .rar into your Scripts folder. (For example C:\Program Files\Call of Duty- Modern Warfare 3 (server)\scripts)
3.Start your Server
4.Go back to folder Scripts and search for a file called "TempbanCommandGuids.txt" it should be created in there
5.Open it and delete everything inside the file
6.Write your guid on First line and then another guid on SECOND line (One guid per line)
7.You have to write there guids of players which will be able to use Tempban cmds
8.After you are done Save the file
9.Go in to a console and type 'fast_restart' without the apostrophes
10.You are done


!tban <player name> <reason> (Temporary Bans a player)
!untban <player FULL name> (Unbans a banned player)
<--- Be aware if you are using normal TeknoBan to ban players this will also unban Permanently Banned players!

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