TeknoMW3 stopped working after clicking Play

Problems and issues with the multiplayer client.
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TeknoMW3 stopped working after clicking Play

Postby Lifted » Mon Oct 19, 2015 5:43 am

Hi @ all.

First: Sorry for my bad english. Google Translator helps me :-P (Die Antwort kann auch gerne auf Deutsch geschrieben werden :-D)

Second: Its a Laptop-System from a friend, he has the problems, mine TeknoMW3 works fine, he's to far away and my Internet is to slow that i can give/send him my TeknoMW3 files -> i used Teamviewer.

Now the Problem:

He has a Problem, that a message appears that says "TeknoMW3.exe stopped working" after i click on Play in the TeknoMW3 Launcher.

I use the search function but nothing helps and googled alot but nothing works/solve the problem.

He use the German Version.


I've/He downloaded the MW3 Multiplayer files from Steam and downloaded the Dedicated server files too.
Validate the files/looking for missing files via Steam.
I/He copied the original files from Steam to "C:\TeknoMW3"
And started the exchange of files.
Updated to Beta v5 (see picture).

I started the launcher in Admin-Mode, use the Compatiblity-Mode -> Windows 7, disable the UAC,...

Files i have, where I think that there is the problem:


iw_00.iwd -> iw_24.iwd are available
iw_25.iwd -> iw_32.iwd are missing -> Did i need these?
iw_33.iwd -> iw_34.iwd are available
localized_english_iw00.iwd -> localized_english_iw03.iwd are missing -> Did i need these too?
localized_english_iw04 -> localized_english_iw11.iwd are available
localized_german_iw00.iwd -> localized_german_iw06.iwd are available

DLC are not installed/downloaded.

Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 (Laptop)
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit - Service Pack 1
i5-3210M 4 x 2.50 GHz
8GB Ram
Intel HD Graphics 4000 + GeForce GT 630M

I hope you can help me to fix this problem.

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Re: TeknoMW3 stopped working after clicking Play

Postby Ishardtofindaname » Mon Oct 19, 2015 6:53 pm

well, why didnt you tried to get all the files first? (iw files and localized files) then go to localization.text (in game folder) and try to change the first line betwin english and german... see if any Works :)
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Re: TeknoMW3 stopped working after clicking Play

Postby joselandtony » Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:34 pm

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