No servers in list

Problems and issues with the multiplayer client.
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No servers in list

Postby calvinagar » Wed Jun 15, 2016 2:41 am

I open 'servers' and its blank, there are no servers that I can join. Another problem is when I try to run 'TeknoMW3_Update' it says 'Unable to check for updates, the server file failed to load.' I am running it as an administrator and still it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?
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Re: No servers in list

Postby ~Lambder » Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:11 am

Read the Solutions to common issues topic.

It would be nice if people could actually use the search button before posting anything.
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Re: No servers in list

Postby Boboo » Wed Jun 15, 2016 5:41 pm

2 Options:
1.Your TeknoMW3 is outdated
2.Master server is off

2.Spend some time outside it will be on again in some time probably :bravo:
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Re: No servers in list

Postby Cromer3 » Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:06 pm

how to make own server i want to use server for add writing contents as per i use for my writing but here i directly publish my posts but i need to store my post no one able to copy that and only for people view, can you help me out i don't know any much about, but if you guide me i can able to do that so reply me as soon as possible.

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