Getting FPS drops

Problems and issues with the multiplayer client.
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Getting FPS drops

Postby 7H3M4573R » Mon Aug 15, 2016 3:40 am

Hi, Could you help me with my problem cause when i join the game first time it was dope fps high but then i started to get lag and i reistaled it and i coudlnt pass my settings to the new game like i already had but i installed it again in another forlder well I used hacks to get my stuff back that i had in my other account but i couldnt get all ok but the problem is that i have tons of lag i look to the sky awsome fps 60 but i look directly like you spawn then i get like 23 or even 2 fps sometimes and i can fix it also i have lag compensetion i think i want to fix it i reinstall it works for like a day then i start to get the issues if i get banned for getting my stuff back with a hacks atleast tell me how to pass all my stuff to my new game cuase i searched and couldnt so why not use hack but pls tell me how to fix lag cause ive ben raging alot cause sometimes i do very good then i have lag and that is !!!! I cant resiste so i try to fix and i cant i always have same
Intel(R) Pentium(R) DUal CPU E2220 @ 2.40GHz 2.40 GHz
Ram 4.00 Gb
system: 64 bit
and when i dont have lag issues i do get like 54 or sometimes 60 fps
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Re: Getting FPS drops

Postby Slvr99 » Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:17 pm

One lag issue for me was caused by VSync. Try disabling VSync and see if that helps at all

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