Is Mw3 teknogods PC updated?

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Is Mw3 teknogods PC updated?

Postby Perzan » Sat Mar 03, 2018 7:26 pm

So I have been playing for a couple days, but I realized that something is off. I run Sitrep, which is changed to Sitrep Pro when i enter a server, but im still finding some players silently running up (not crouchwalking) and killing me. I believe they have dead silence perk, and i remember the earlier versions of MW3 had it so players with sitrep pro couldnt hear players with dead silence pro, which was later updated and fixed so that players with sitrep pro can hear players with dead silence pro just like any other player. My question here is: is the teknogods mw3 updated for that? Is it just my computer's sound card? When i play mw3 on the pc, it seems like footsteps are still more quiet than on the xbox, even with sitrep pro. Im just wondering, thanks. :apc:

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