Configuring Taito Type X/NesicaXLive games.

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Configuring Taito Type X/NesicaXLive games.

Postby linglang » Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:13 am

From the Readme file, in the teknoparrot folder.

"Changes in TeknoParrot 1.20 TEST Release:"
"- Many many internal things we forgot to add here. Sorry!"
"- New games supported from Taito Type X series:"
"The NESiCAxLive system consists of an arcade system board combined with a dedicated router to access and download games. The system currently works on the Taito Type X2, Taito Type X Zero and Taito Type X3 arcade boards"

Most Taito Type X games must be preconfigured (NOT in the test menu.) with configuration and loader tools.
With those tools, you can configure, the Taito Type X joystick configuration, resolution settings, screen rotation, et cetera.
Then the games will work fine.
Most of the games can be configured with one or two tools.
One specific for joystick settings.
And one to configure the joystick(s) and resolution and such.
For joystick configuration, it is one or the other tool.
If you use one of the two tools, the second one will delete the files of the first one ! (so there is no conflict?)
To be honest I can not give a link to these tools, because it is identified as a Trojan/Virus, (false positive "probably") they work fine.
TeknoParrot was/is also identified as a "virus" :-P
If you find it on the internet, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK !!
And I do not know if Reaver would like me to give links to those tools on this forum, Sorry !!
As far as I can tell 290 is the latest version, at this moment.
If you open them, you will see this screen.

But wait !!
Check this folder out on your computer !!
In the TTX.ini file there is a line, Warning =
Put the word "Agree" behind it, and save the file.
Without the " " marks.
So, Warning = Agree
Run the Tools again, this time it will not show the above picture.
Now look AGAIN in the C:\Users\"username"\AppData\Roaming\Game....\ folder, it installed folders and tools to configure your Taito Type X games !!
:-| :-D :-)-
I found this solution on the internet in a foreign language (non English), I can not remember the posters name, but THANX !! :bravo:
Just to be sure, this is the contents of my TTX.ini file.

Type = MS Sans Serif
Path=C:\Program Files (x86)\TeknoParrot_1.06
C: \ Program Files (x86)\TeknoParrot_1.06
Warning = Agree
Type=MS Sans Serif

This one of the configuration tools.
These files get deleted, if you use the other configuration tool
But actually, this is my second choice to configure joystick settings, my first choice is this one, but sometimes the first one does not work, so .....
The above picture is WITHOUT the *****Drv32.dll file in the game folder
The above picture is WITH the *****Drv32.dll file and the configuration tool files in the game folder.
The extra button appeared, "Output the files", which will you give this window !! :bravo:
Most of the games Ioad with Loader 6.
Set your configuration, and save !!
Most of the time my favorite config tool works fine, (the one with the extra button)
But there are also specific joystick configuration tools for specific games

BUT !!!
Teknoparrot, does not like these files !!!
Owww, now you have enough info to figure it out yourself. :O :crazy:

Want to add more games to TeknoParrot ??
Check this out, enjoy !!
Solving "bugs"in TeknoParrot.

DOWNLOAD ALL GAME FILES HERE!! :O :crazy: ... e+share+it

And before you ask about InitialD 8.
TeknoParrot will NOT support it, as stated by Reaver !!!
Maybe in years !!!
And who says it's available online at this moment ?

Read this !!!
RTFM, Read The Fucking Manual !!!

NO if's or but's !!!

System specs.
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3
Ram: 4GB
CPU: Intel Core I7 860 @ 2.80 GHz
Latest NVIDIA Drivers. (non beta)
Audio: Yamaha RP-U200 External USB DTS/Dolby Digital 5.1 surround Amplifier
Joystick: Wireless XBox 360 Controller
Monitor resolution: Native 1360x768, not 1366x768
Windows 10 Professional US 64bit
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